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Uzbekistan was one of the centers of world civilization since ancient times. Here, at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, was a formation of a unique historical and cultural space with developed cities - Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and many others. Our great ancestors: Amir Temur, Beruni, Abu Ali Ibn Sino, Farabi, Al-Khorizmi, Mirzo Ulugh Beg, Alisher Navoi, have made significantly valuable contribution to the world treasury of knowledge and culture.

Independence, which was acquired on September 1, 1991 have opened huge opportunities for the development of the country. Having set high constructive goals, Uzbek nation under the leadership of the first President Islam Karimov began to build a democratic rule-of-law state with a developed market economy and a strong civil society. Rich natural resources and the multifaceted potential of the people are main causes of the achievements of goals. At present, there are major changes in all spheres of political, economic and social life of Uzbekistan. All these changes are being implemented on the basis of the Strategy for the Further Development of the Republic for 2017-2021, developed by the President of the country Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Numerous transformations in many spheres of the country's life are confirming high effectiveness of the Strategy: hundreds of new decrees and decisions have already been signed, in order to improve the regulatory framework; significant changes have been occurred in the government and authorities in the regions. Unscheduled inspections of enterprises were canceled throughout the country. Now there is a business ombudsman and starting from November 2017 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, whose activities were suspended in 2005, resumed its work. Moreover, opening of a free conversion of sum became one of the most important economic achievements in the Republic.

One of the priority goals of the reform is to allow legal entities and individuals to freely buy and sell foreign currency. Special attention is paid to the development of science, sports, culture, education and medical services. New free economic zones are at the stage of opening, aiming to create favorable conditions for attracting foreign and domestic investments. In addition, the President of Uzbekistan created a new friendly atmosphere in the sphere of foreign policy with his closest neighbors and other countries. Political observers of "Derin Ekonomi" the influential economic publication of Turkey, identified top 10 leaders capable to change significantly the situation in their states and regions and the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyev was among those leaders.

Modern Uzbekistan is a fully developing industrial state. The most important values of our country are friendliness and tolerance, enterprise and diligence, honesty and decency, health, education, readiness and the ability to innovate. According to HSBC global bank (report World in 2050), Uzbekistan is considered to be a country with one of the fastest growing economies in the world (top26).

Uzbekistan ranks 11th place in the world in terms of natural gas production, the third place in export and sixth place in the production of cotton, the seventh in the world for uranium reserves (4% of the world uranium reserves). By total reserves of gold, Uzbekistan ranks 4th place in the world, and by the level of production – it is on the seventh place.

The power system of the country has 45 power plants with a total capacity of more than 12.4 MW.

Geological reserves of oil stand at 5 billion tons, proven ones stand at 100 million tons. The largest corporations in the energy sector of the country are CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), KNOC (Korea), Gazprom, Lukoil, Uzbekneftegaz. In addition, there are two large oil refineries - the Bukhara Refinery and the Ferghana Oil Refinery, as well as a small Uzbek-Russian joint venture “Jarkurganneftepererabotka” in Uzbekistan.

Gas processing is carried out at the Mubarek gas processing plant.

90% of the production of ferrous metallurgy was accounted for by OJSC "Uzbek Metallurgical Plant". Two enterprises are concentrated on the extraction of gold - Navoi and Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combines (the largest Combines in the Central Asian region).

The automobile industry is represented by joint ventures: JV MAN Auto Uzbekistan (“Uzavtosanoat” state automobile company and MAN Truck & Bus AG (Germany), GM Uzbekistan (“Uzavtosanoat” and Daewoo South Korean company), Uzbekistan Peugeot Citroen Automotive (“Uzavtosanoat” and French automotive plant "Peugeot Citroen"), as well as “SamAvto”, which produces trucks with a carrying capacity from 4 to 18 tons and passenger city buses with a capacity up to 37 people based on the chassis of the Japanese company Isuzi., Tashkent Tractor Plant.

The most important agricultural products of Uzbekistan, besides cotton, are fruit, vegetables and grains (wheat, corn and rice). The total volume of fruit and vegetable products’ export and its processed products for 2017 was $ 708.8 ml. The main foreign trade partners are Kazakhstan, Russia, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Iran.

Air transport is represented by "Uzbekistan Havo Yullari" the national airline, which includes 11 airports, 6 of which have international status. The company's air fleet consists of 36 aircraft. In 2016, workshop was commissioned on the basis of Uzbekistan Airways Technics, in order to repair the latest generation of composite aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

 “Uzbekistan Temir Yullari” the joint stock company was formed on November 7, 1994, based on the former Central Asian Railway. In 2009, Tashkent plant for repair of passenger coaches, harnessed the production of modern models of passenger coaches, thereby constantly updating the rolling stock. Contracts for delivery to Russia and Kazakhstan under the brand "Made in Uzbekistan" have been signed. Moreover, there is a comfortable express train “Afrosiab” (produced by the Spanish company Talgo), operating to all tourist routes.

Currently, tourism is a strategically important sector of the economy of Uzbekistan. The availability of more than 7,000 objects of material cultural heritage of various epochs and civilizations, many of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, testifies the country's possibilities. Moreover, along with historical tourism, geotourism and medical, mountaineering and rafting have been developed in our country. Recreation areas and comfortable infrastructure facilities are in the stage of construction. Regarding the development of the popularity of gastronomic tourism, pilaf and other national dishes have received a recognizable brand of Uzbekistan around the world.

Indeed, every citizen of Uzbekistan, where all transformations are carried out in the name and for the benefit of human, today proudly says: "This is my country!".

Large-scale reforms carried out during the years of independence laid a solid foundation for national statehood and sovereignty, ensuring security and law and order, which allowed the US State Department to include Uzbekistan to the list of the safest countries for tourist visits. The inviolability of state borders, the rule of law, human rights and freedom, interethnic harmony and religious tolerance in society, created decent living conditions for the population and the realization of citizens’ creative potential.

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